Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing (AM) sometimes referred to as 3-D printing, are processes which involve a layer-by-layer approach for creating free form objects from bottom to top. An important concept in AM is resolution – the thickness of each layer. The thinner each layer is, the more layers that will be required to make a part of a particular thickness and the more precise the AM will be. Between the initial 3-D CAD model to the final produced part the AM process involved depend on the material and machine technology used.

ASTM identified seven different process routes for grouping AM technologies; binder jetting, directed energy deposition, material extrusion, material jetting, powder bed fusion, sheet lamination and vat photopolymerisation. The work of ESIM focuses on directed energy deposition as demonstrated in our Autonomous Aero turbine Blade Re-Manufacturing System & SERFOW.