UK-RAS Manufacturing Robotics Challenge

As part of UK Robotics Week 2019, Sheffield Robotics, Enabling Sciences for Intelligent Manufacturing, and the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) will be hosting an international manufacturing robotics challenge for young researchers, developers, and industrialists working in robotics and digital manufacturing technologies.

The challenge will be held on the 19th and 20th June at Factory 2050 at the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre in Sheffield, and will bring together young researchers and engineers from different disciplines to develop practical solutions to real-world problems in a competitive environment.

The event is open to final-year masters students, PhD students, early-career researchers, industrial engineers and others with relevant experience in areas including robotics, autonomous systems, computer vision, machine learning, and augmented reality.

Successful applicants will be arranged into small teams, based on skills and experience, and will compete against each other to complete a series of robotics challenges.

The challenges will reflect real manufacturing scenarios, played out on the state-of-the-art Factory 2050 shop floor, using the cutting-edge technology (such as industrial manipulators, augmented and virtual reality devices, industrial vision and sensor systems, 3D printers etc.). Teams will develop software to control, as well as collect and process data from, robotic and digital platforms provided by the organisers for applications including mobile robot navigation, robotic inspection and repair, multi-robot coordination, human-robot interaction, and teleoperation.

Summary of challenges (subject to final confirmation):

  1. Human Interface: This challenge demands the implementation of interpretation of verbal commands using natural language processing.
  2. Instrumentation: This challenge aims to identify objects and generate grasping strategies using machine vision.
  3. Robot Control Challenge: Here, the aim is to program the real robot a pick-and-place task with the aid of ROS.
  4. Digital Twin interphace: This challenge involves the visualisation of the real robot movement using augmented reality.
  5. Integration Challenge: This involves the integration of the 4 previous challenges to work as one single project. 

The number of places is limited and the organisers will be shortlisting candidates based on their applications. To register your interest, please complete the registration form . A £30 registration fee will be charged to successful applicants. Applications currently STILL OPEN. There are a small number of bursaries available on request.


For further information contact: Jessica Williamson (ESIM Research Project Officer) at