Winning the High Energy Particle Physics Group Poster Prize at the IOP Joint HEPP and APP Annual Conference 2019

Our PhD candidate Will Yeadon, has won the prize for his work on 'Production of the cooling circuits for the ITk Strip Stave and Forward Pixel End-Caps' at The University of Sheffield.

Poster Abstract: 

"The ATLAS detector at CERN is nearing the end of its service life, accumulated radiation damage and component wear necessitates elements undergo replacement. Technological advancements have allowed for the replacement to serve as an upgrade - facilitating investigations into higher centre of mass energy levels probing for new physics. Working at the core of the proposed upgraded ATLAS detector is the ITk, the replacement for the Semi-Conductor Tracking Detector (SCT). The ITk will have an all-silicon semiconductor tracking system consisting of an inner 5-layer pixel detector surrounded by a 4-layer strip detector.

To remove the heat load from the detector electronics, the ITk Strip Detector Stave design has an embedded titanium cooling circuit within its carbon fibre structure. The cooling circuit, constructed from 2.275mm OD ultra-thin walled titanium tubes, uses the CO2 cooling system from the main ATLAS plant. Titanium was chosen due to the requirements of low mass, high strength, low radiation length and high reliability in a service life of 20+ years with limited maintenance access. Using this specification of Titanium presented challenges for the welding required in the production of the cooling circuits for the ITk Strip Stave and Forward Pixel End-Caps at The University of Sheffield. This poster details the current progress of these efforts"