Dr Bilal Abdurahman

Research Associate

Email: a.bilale@sheffield.ac.uk

Thematic area:

Machine Vision and Tracking Systems, Electronic and Control Systems, Autonomous Vehicle Guidance and Path-Following


Dr Bilal Abdurahman has a background in electronic and control systems engineering (BEng/MSc) and specialised in path-following control of autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) focusing on the design of efficient guidance systems (PhD from Cranfield UK). He obtained his bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from University of East London, before completing a MSc in Advanced Control and Systems Engineering at the University of Manchester.

His past and recent project work include measurement of an AUV thruster output, dynamic modelling of 3-D ocean current, design of speed allocation and vertical course control for path-following, and stability analysis of line-of-sight guidance laws.

At The University of Sheffield Bilal currently works on developing machine vision and tracking systems within the ESIM group.

In 2014, Bilal began his Ph.D. at Cranfield University, where his research title was State Relativity and Speed-Allocated Line-Of-Sight Course Control for Path-Following of Underwater Vehicles.

Bilal’s research interests are mainly: Robotics, and Machine Vision

Bilal’s publications can be viewed on Research Gate