Dr Samantha Abrego

Research Associate

Email: s.abrego@sheffield.ac.uk

Thematic area:

Robotics, Industry 4.0, Advanced Manufacturing, Industrial Implementations, Process Simulations, CAD Design


I obtained my bachelor’s degree in Mechatronics engineering at the “Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León”, (UANL) in Monterrey, Mexico. After I finished my bachelors I got a job in the technology department of an automotive company in Mexico, where the main goal of this position was to research the current technologies in the market to develop a company customised version of them that were cheaper, lighter and more efficient.

With this work experience, I decided to do a master’s degree in ‘’Advanced Manufacturing Technologies’’ in the Mechanical Engineering department at The University of Sheffield. Where my project dissertation research was about the effect of cutting fluid application in titanium alloys performed in the Advance Manufacturing Research Centre

Then in 2015 I started a Ph.D. in the Mechanical Engineering department of The University of Sheffield, where my research was focused on an experimental stress analysis that reconstructed internal stresses in birefringent materials with the use of a mathematical model that analysed the light passing through the material.

In November 2018 I joined the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Sheffield as a Research Associate in Advanced Mechatronics Systems.