Dr Benjamin Crutchley

Visiting Researcher

Email: bcrutchley@i3drobotics.com

Thematic area:

3D Stereo Systems, Machine Vision, Optical and Imaging Technologies


Dr Benjamin Crutchley is the Technical Manager at i3D Robotics. He is an optical engineer who leads research into innovative technology at i3D robotics with a focus on 3D stereo systems for machine vision applications. In this role, he expands the hardware capabilities of the company by advancing the optical and imaging technologies as well as improving state-of-the-art 3D reconstruction software with academic partners, University College London and Joanneum Research, which have used the software on projects such as the Mars Rover. Dr Crutchley has also worked with partners including multinational corporations and SMEs on developing technology in collaborate R & D projects awarded by InnovateUK, as well as European projects including Eurostars and EMRP.

Ben has been collaborating with the ESIM team on the SERFOW project.