Mr Sam Edwards

Instrumentation Research Engineer


Thematic area:

Welding for Aerospace Applications, Robotics, Metallurgy, Clean-Room Operations


Sam graduated from the University of Aberystwyth in 2010 with a degree in Space Science and Robotics. His introduction to Particle Physics was as a Technician at the University of Birmingham, where he began work on the ATLAS ITk upgrade, and completed the upgrade to the NA62 project (also at CERN). After moving to the University of Sheffield he has continued to expand his role within the ATLAS ITk Upgrade, whilst also moving into Industry Project Research with the Enabling Sciences for Intelligent Manufacturing group.

Sam’s research interests include: Silicon particle-detector construction and QA/QC, Micro-bore welding, Robotic welding system design and development, Metallurgical testing and analysis of welds, Novel welding schedule development for special aerospace materials.

Current projects: Sam is involved in the ATLAS ITk Upgrade, working on the design and development of the cooling system for the Strip Barrel and Pixel Endcap, as well as the construction of silicon detector modules for the Strip Barrel. Sam also works on various projects for the Enabling Sciences for Intelligent Manufacturing group, focusing on the development of robotic welding systems with industrial research partners.

Past Projects: NA62 Detector: CERN Kaon Decay Experiment [CERN, University of Birmingham]

  • Electronic design and construction of PMT Light Boxes
  • Onsite installation and test

Publications: Sam’s publications can be viewed on Google Scholar