Dr Gabriel Kapellmann Zafra

Research Associate

Email: g.kapellmann@sheffield.ac.uk

Thematic area:

Robotics, Virtual & Augmented Reality, Vision, Instrumentation, CAD Design


I got my BSc in Mechatronix Engineering at the “Instituto Techológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey” (ITESM) in México.

Afterwards I obtained a masters degree in Electrical Engineering and Electronic Instrumentation at “Universidad Nacional Autonoma de México” (UNAM) also in México.

FinalIy I obtained a PhD from the Department of Automatic Control & Systems Engineering at the University of Sheffield.

Currently I’m a Research Associate in the Department of Physics & Astronomy at the University of Sheffield. My main research interests are in: human-robot interaction, multi-robot systems, artificial intelligence, development of mechatronic systems and Virtual Reality as well as Augmented Reality.