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Cold irradiations at Birmingham

Published: Apr 2018

The University of Birmingham cyclotron facility uses a proton beam to irradiate sensors for the ATLAS inner Tracker upgrade.

This paper details the installation of a cold box, in which the samples are placed to be irradiated.

The box has a target window, through which the proton beam penetrates. The box is moved through the beam on a Cartesian robotic scanning system and it is cooled using Liquid Nitrogen.

The box has a operational temperature of -25°C, and can withstand temperatures as low as -48°C.

Samples need to be kept cold to prevent annealing, which is a temperature dependant process. Radiation annealing is the modification of the radiation-damaged atomic structure, due to interstitial atoms diffusing in the lattice.

The paper is accessible via this link, or see the attached document.