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Pre-Configured XY-Axis Cartesian Robot System for a New ATLAS Scanning Facility

Published: Sep 2014

Dr Héctor Marín-Reyes

The University of Birmingham cyclotron facility tests the lifetime of components destined for the ATLAS inner Tracker upgrade. As the proton beam is only 1cm2, a Cartesian Robot System is used to move samples through the beam. This scanning through of the beam delivers a highly uniform dose of radiation within a specified tolerance.

This paper describes the software control of the Cartesian Robot System. It provides the ability to irradiate any area or single points of a sample. The scanning path profiles can be adjusted prior the irradiation of samples, and the exact location of the box is displayed in real time during the scans.

The paper is can be accessed via the World Scientific website [paywall]

Further control software for this robot system is detailed in “Radiation Dosing Software Control of a Robot System for the ATLAS Scanning Facility”