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The Birmingham Irradiation Facility

Published: Dec 2013

Dr Héctor Marín-Reyes

The University of Birmingham cyclotron facility uses a proton beam to irradiate samples for diverse applications.

It is mainly used to supply radioactive Krypton (81mKr) to UK hospitals, but it is also used to test the lifetime of components destined for the ATLAS inner Tracker upgrade.

This paper describes the high intensity radiation facility for the ATLAS irradiations.

It includes:

-The operational details of the MC40 cyclotron, and the proton beam it produces,

-The Liquid Nitrogen-cooled cold box, in which the samples are placed to be irradiated,

-The Cartesian robotic scanning system, which moves the box through the beam.

The paper is accessible vie the Science Direct website.

This facility is used for experiments in the papers “Evaluating the Tolerance of a Robotic Finger” and “Usability study to qualify a dexterous robotic manipulator for high radiation environments