Publication / Immersive Technologies

Using Google Glass in Human–Robot Swarm Interaction

Published: Jun 2016

Dr Gabriel Kapellmann Zafra

This paper studies how a human operator can guide a swarm of robots when transporting a large object through an environment with obstacles. The operator controls a leader robot that influences the other robots of the swarm.

Follower robots push the object only if they have no line of sight of the leader. The leader represents a way point that the object should reach. By changing its position over time, the operator effectively guides the transporting robots towards the final destination.

The operator uses the Google Glass device to interact with the swarm. Communication can be achieved via either touch or voice commands and the support of a graphical user interface. Experimental results with 20 physical e-puck robots show that the human–robot interaction allows the swarm to transport the object through a complex environment.

This paper can be accesed via White Rose website.

Presented at TAROS Conference, 2016.