Why Repair?

Repairing of machinery and vehicle components are essential aspects of everyday equipment usage in many areas, therefore it is essential that research and development focuses on improvements to this process. Repairing components instead of replacing them can save companies a lot of revenue and is more economically viable.

Healthy and Safety

Considerations must always be taken into account regarding the safety of repairing a component instead of replacing it with a brand new item. This is where it is essential for in-depth research that analyses the effectiveness and quality of the repair through metallurgical analysis, something which the team undertakes as part of their work.

Improvements to these costly processes will hopefully serve to show the benefits of long term research with Universities.

Robotics and Automation

‚ÄčOne of the current relevant societal issues of the 21st century is an ageing society with specialist skills in areas such as component repair now reaching retirement age with no suitable replacements. A way to address this issue comes from the field of robotics and automation, machinery can be programmed to carry out complex repair and weld techniques.